Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Postseason: And so it Begins...

Senior Greg Blohowiak and redshirt freshman Michael Porcaro, members of the Milwaukee baseball team, will be blogging all season long on the UWM website.

Blohowiak is back for his third season of blogging, while Porcaro gets his first go at it. Today is their 11th entry for the 2012 season.


It’s that time … tourney time!! I would just like to thank everyone for their support all year and it would mean a lot to the team to see familiar faces down at the tourney this weekend. So if you can find a way down to UIC, please make it!

The ultimate goal for every team in this league is to win the conference tournament. To say we are excited to start the tournament is an understatement. We feel really good about ourselves right now and have been playing well as of late. But it’s important for us to control our emotions and take each game pitch by pitch. A lot of teams can go into these tournaments and hype themselves up too much. We are looking to stay in the moment and execute every play. If we do this, we have a great chance this weekend.

Not much else I have to say. It’s going to be a fun weekend and I can’t wait to go to battle with my teammates.

The Goal

Go Panthers!!

Go Panthers is right!

What a great weekend this past weekend was. Three game sweep of Wright State to basically help spoil their regular season championship hopes. It never really is a good thing to be a “spoiler”, since that means you fell short of your goal for the regular season. However, there is no better time to play that role than right now. Playing good baseball at this point of the season is something some teams can take for granted, but I assure you we are not. Getting hot at the end of the season reminds me a lot of the 2010 year. I feel like we were firing on all cylinders that year towards tourney time and look what the end result was? I’m hoping to see some sort of parody with this season but only time will tell.

The sweep was a great thing, but something more personal to myself and six others was the presentation of “Senior Day”. A lot of work went into that day, starting with Steve Sanfilippo and ending at the Parents. We appreciate all the hard work you all put in to make that day as special as possible for us seniors. The bats, flowers for mom, baseballs for dads, and the amazing feast following the win was the icing on the cake (the cake was amazing as well!). YUMMMYYYY!

The tournament is always such a great time. The pressure-packed games with so much energy is a competitors dream. Our team is made up of competitors who will give it their all to play good baseball. We are going to play for ourselves, our teammates, and our school in hopes to bring a tournament championship back to UWM. The Horizon League is filled with great competition and I’ve been blessed and humbled to have faced a numerous amount of championship-caliber opponents. With that being said, we are the only ones who really control how far we go. We feel if we play our brand of baseball, especially the type of baseball we have played of late, there is no opponent who will be able to dethrone us. The dog pile is our ultimate goal and it’ll be the only time I’ll be content with 30 other guys on top of one another.

Win or lose this weekend, the players are extremely humbled by the overwhelming support you have all showed us along this season. We literally could not have asked for a better following. Whether it was San Diego, Little Rock, or Dayton, you all have found a way out of your busy schedules to put a little Panther baseball in your heart. All we hope is that you are proud of the way we have played throughout the year and have no regrets in any trip you have taken, as we reciprocate those feelings. Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing your shining faces this weekend in Chicago.

Go Panthers

Quick thoughts from Blow....

My mind is empty....I’m hoping to write a blog next week about our flight out to a Regional!

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