Friday, February 1, 2013

Baseball is Back!!

Sophomores Michael Porcaro and Eric King, members of the Milwaukee baseball team, will be blogging all season long on the UWM website.

Porcaro is back for his second season of blogging, while King gets his first crack at it. Today is their first entry for the 2013 season.


PANTHER NATION!!!!!!!! It’s your boy Paco back for another season of blogging. Man, it’s been way too long! I hope you guys haven’t missed me too much! I’ll tell ya one thing - I’ve missed writing these blogs every week and can’t wait to start writing for you guys every week!

Unfortunately, we do have some sad news to announce. This season we will be without the services of veteran blogger Greg Blohowiak. Blow was a part of this blog from the beginning and his insight will be missed!

But, there is some good news!! Redshirt sophomore Eric King will be joining the blog this year. You guys are going to love what EK brings to the table. I’m really excited he accepted the invitation to join the blog. I’ll let him introduce himself later.

I’m really excited for this season. And there’s a lot to be excited about! We had a really encouraging fall season. The intersquad games were close and competitive. I think that shows this team is balanced and has guys that are hungry to get on the field. The talent this team has is pretty impressive. I think the showing at our scout day in the fall proves that. Milwaukee baseball fans and Panther Nation should be encouraged about the direction this program is going.

This off-season has been much different than my first two years here. We really hit the weights hard with Captain Ron and his staff in the weight room. And we’re still going at it! This is going to pay off tremendously as the season goes on.

We started team practice this past Monday in the K-Dome. Things have been going well. With the season about two weeks away, it’s important for us to focus every minute we are in there practicing. Paying attention to detail is something we are really stressing. We don’t want to be average, we don’t want to just make a play, we want to practice perfection. Is perfection possible? Probably not, but there’s no reason our effort and focus shouldn’t be there every minute of every practice.

This year we have a lot in store for you guys. Not only will we be blogging, but we are going to do a lot of behind the scenes footage when we are traveling, so you can see what it’s like while we are on the road. We’ll do some player interviews as well.

We just got an instagram so make sure you go follow us @UWM_Baseball. Trust me, there’s going to be plenty of funny pics posted!

Remember to follow us on the tweeter @UWM_Baseball and hit that like button on Facebook!

Alright, that’s enough of me. Here’s The King…

Hey look here Jack, this year is going to be a humdinger! To start off, I would like to say welcome to all the new families and supporters of UWM. We look forward to seeing you at the always beautiful Henry Aaron Field (The Hank) cheering the panthers on.

A little something about myself before I begin… As Paco mentioned before I am a redshirt sophomore and part of the pitching staff. Most importantly, I have beautiful flowing hair and a very complementing mustache to go along with it. Coming off of an injured freshman year and a recovery sophomore year, I look forward to being a fully healthy addition this season. I’m very excited to be blogging this year and look forward to letting Panther Nation get to know more about how we are as a team behind the scenes and off the field. We have some great ideas in store for the blog to let the parents and fans of UWM see just how fun and exciting our lifestyle is.

Getting to the pitching staff now, we are a very young and talented group. With the incoming freshman and returning redshirts, it’s going to be exciting to see the roles and maturity of our pitching staff get better each weekend. For some, the fall was the beginning of a new career and picking up where they left off for others. First-Team All-League honors senior pitcher Cale Tassi is set to have another outstanding year. Being announced the Friday night starter, Tassi begins the year with high hopes of becoming one of the best pitchers in the Horizon League. Having a player like that on our staff sets a standard for all pitchers on our team, and that showed during the fall. With high intensity and competition during practice, we are getting ourselves prepared for the season opener in New Mexico. As I mentioned earlier, it will be a very exciting year not only for the pitching staff, but for a team as a whole.

This year we have a lot in store for you guys. Not only will we be blogging, but we are going to do a lot of behind the scenes footage. One thing I would like to do is show pictures of all the fields and trips we take. Knowing that I will not always be able to get the best of pictures, I am hoping that some of the parents on the team would be willing to take pictures and send them to me at This way, fans and supporters of UWM will be able to enjoy the sights we get to see. Also each week we are going to be singling out a player or two to introduce them by interview and maybe release a little embarrassing information they don’t want others to know.

I’m looking forward to a fun and successful season and it will be great to see all the supporters of Panthers Baseball!

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